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about the working groups

As part of the LDC Update effort, the City has constituted two working groups to offer feedback during the process: the Technical Advisory Working Group, and the Citizen Advisory Working Group. You may see a list of the members of each group here.

Citizen Advisory working group

This group of Santa Fe residents is familiar with land use issues in the community on account of their work or volunteer activities. They may not use the land development code every day, but they are familiar with the impacts it has on development in the community. The Citizen Advisory Working Group (CAWG) will focus on policy-level feedback regarding changes to the regulations. 

Technical Advisory working group

The Technical Advisory Working Group (TAWG) has detailed familiarity with the current land use code, because of their frequent professional interaction with the code. This group will provide detailed feedback on the reorganization and "housekeeping" that will be part of the first phase of the project.

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